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Start Participate Grab yourself something to write with, and on. Set aside some time for yourself. Think of this as a treat. Don’t be afraid. Take the leap. We all have a story to tell… Creativity doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us guide you, step-by-step towards creating your own story to add into the archive. Start 2 Before you start. Take a moment to settle your breath and feel the contact your bones make with the floor and the chair. Find a comfortable seated position. Step 1 Write down whatever is there. Allow the writing to be automatic. Whatever happens happens. Close your eyes if it feels comfortable to do so and with no ambition think about this question: Who am I? Who am I? Let the answers circulate in your mind’s eye – don’t judge them, don’t censor them. Step 2 Birth Family Home
Destiny Enlightenment
Afterlife Death Transformation
Take a look at our theme words here. Without thinking too much, which one of these themes jumps out at you? Write it down.
Step 2b You've chosen your theme Picture the theme word. Imagine it’s written on a box. Take a moment to sit with that word. Absorb it. Once again, close your eyes if it feels comfortable to do so. You open the box. What’s inside? Allow yourself to flood with images and ideas. These are the beginnings of your story. Step 2c Give yourself a moment to write down, draw, scribble everything that you see. Words, pictures, ideas - anything that comes to you. Don’t block anything. Get it all down. Your time starts now. Step 3 Now consider these questions and write down, automatically, what occurs to you in the moment. These can be full sentences, they can be bullet points, one-word answers, whatever. Again, don’t judge, don’t censor. Your story is within, you just need to allow it to present itself. Step 3 b Ready? How is it solved?
Who is the main character? They have a problem. What is the problem?
Why has this problem occurred?
The problem is solved. Who solves it?
Step 4 Well done, you’ve written your story. Take a moment to let your answers circulate in your mind’s eye. See the images, see the events. Is there something you really like the look of? Or not? Sit with your story for a moment. Make friends with your ideas. And as this story takes shape in your mind, picture the person you’re telling it to. Really see them in front of you, and now...speak your story out loud to that person. Step 4b Tell them your story. Make them see the images you saw in your mind’s eye. Ready? Go. You don’t have to read what is written on your page, just speak those images, tell your story. Step 5 Take a breath.
How did that feel?
Go back over your notes and make some adjustments if you need to. Perhaps you discovered something new that you’d not found before. Add it in. Make as many adjustments and edits as you like. This is your story. Yours to finesse as you see fit. Perhaps there was something there that you didn’t like. Get rid of it. Once you’re happy with what you’ve got, move on to the next step.
Step 6-1 Your story is complete.
Now it’s time to film it, however you like.
Remember - when you tell your story, don’t just follow your notes. Let the story flow out of you. You invented it, after all, not your sheet of paper. Perhaps you’re ready to get out your camera or phone right now, and tell your story to the camera as if it were the person you imagined earlier.
Step 6-2 But perhaps there are images, locations, moods that could be conveyed by extra elements on top of your tale. Do whatever you have the time for, and whatever feels right for this story. The possibilities are endless. When you have finished crafting your story video, simply submit it via the form below.

Enjoy yourself, and we’ll see you in The Archive .